About Precious Island

We are a Bali based sustainability consulting firm, providing event management, human resources training, and sustainability program implementation services to organizations looking for local expertise and implementation partners in Indonesia

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise extends to Event Organizing, Capacity Building, Project Management, and Community Engagement specifically tailored for sustainability implementation. By partnering with stakeholders across various industries, we empower their teams to drive sustainable practices, foster environmental consciousness, and create lasting positive impact. Whether it’s enhancing employee engagement or aligning organizational goals with sustainability objectives, we are committed to building capacity and promoting responsible practices across diverse sectors.

Our Values

We believe in empowering individuals, whether students, employees, or community members, to take ownership of sustainable practices. By building capacity and providing knowledge, we enable positive change at both personal and organizational levels. Acknowledging that sustainability is a collective effort, we ensure our solutions to be collaborative, dynamic, and multi-sectoral.

Our Team

Comprised of experts spanning multiple development sectors, our team has a shared passion to promote sustainability. We have experience working with high profile national and international organizations such as UNDP, AIS Forum, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, BAPPENAS RI, Swisscontact, USAID, CTI-CFF, and Pacific Forum.

How We Work

Our goal is to offer skilled, practical, and adaptable experts for our assignments from our local pool of experts in Bali and Indonesia. Additionally, we ensure they receive effective supervision, responsive support, comprehensive local context and robust administrative backing. Depending on the assignment, we can either start from the ground up—handling planning and budgeting—or seamlessly execute the program you envision.

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